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Gmail 2 GDrive (Attachments Saver)

This automation seamlessly integrates Gmail with Google Drive to automatically save email attachments from specified senders directly into designated folders on Google Drive. It ensures that important files are organized and easily accessible without manual intervention.

How it works

Imagine you receive an email from a client or customer with an invoice attached. Instead of having to open the email, download the attachment to your computer, and then upload it to Google Drive, this automation does all that for you. With just one setup, every attachment you receive from specified senders or containing certain keywords will be automatically saved to your Google Drive.

You can customize this automation to filter emails based on:

  • Specific senders (e.g.,
  • Keywords in the subject line (e.g., "invoice", "contract", "report")
  • Email labels (e.g., "Important", "Finance")
  • Attachments types (e.g., PDFs, images)
  • Date ranges
This way, you have a system in place that automatically saves all your important attachments in your Google Drive folder, making your workflow more efficient and organized.

Business Applications

Legal Firms: Automate the storage of legal documents and correspondence. This ensures that contracts, court documents, and client correspondence are always saved and backed up, reducing the risk of losing critical information.

Accounting and Finance: Streamline the process of storing financial statements, invoices, and receipts. This automation helps in organizing financial documents, making it easier for accountants to manage and retrieve necessary files during audits or tax preparations.

Human Resources: Enhance the organization of job applications, resumes, and employee documents. By automating the storage of these attachments, HR departments can maintain a well-organized digital archive, facilitating easy access and management of employee records.